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Automatically control noisy vehicles in your city

The standalone version of dB FLASH allows you to conduct measurement campaigns and to fine noisy drivers

An easy and discreet installation in the urban environment

dBFlash is an answer to the annoyance caused by very noisy vehicles. Like speed camera, this noise camera is designed to automatically detect excessively noisy vehicles and issue fines to combat noise pollution.

The dBFlash noise camera can be mounted on a free-standing bracket or on a street light pole. The camera’s video system can be connected to existing video surveillance systems

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Radar sonore Bron DB FLASH
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dBFlash noise camera integrates a unique noise measurement system based on a directional microphone antenna coupled with video monitoring. Each vehicle that passes under the monitoring point in any direction can trigger the measurement if it exceeds the acceptable noise threshold.

Vehicle noise is isolated from other noise sources by high-resolution acoustic processing.

A unique and patented technology to isolate a vehicle in traffic

radar sonore Bron dB FLASH
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The images of the vehicle passing and its rear license plate are securely transferred to the competent authority.


One-way or two-way road
5-meter control zone
Unrestricted measurement frequency
Class 1 equivalent sound level meter
dB FLASH logo
5-meter resolution (size of a light vehicle)
Class 1 equivalent directional antenna
Antenne dbflash microdb
Vehicle classification (2-wheelers, light vehicles, trucks, buses)
Measurement range: 30 to 130 km/h
Estimated vehicle speed
Vehicle identification (automatic plate reading)

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The dBFlash project was supported in its construction by the ADEME (the French Agency Ecological Transition), winner of the 2019 innovation competition, and also by the Rhône Alpes Auvergne region with the dBCatch consortium of local partners.

MicrodB’s dBFlash solution has been selected by the French government within the framework of the law orienting mobility for the experimentation of sound cameras for educational purposes in a first phase and then for regulatory purposes in the long term.

dBFlash has been selected by the British government and Brussels Environment to benchmark a sound camera solution.

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